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La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa 4oz


Descendants of royalty'from herds of swine owned by the British monarchy since the early 18th century, that is'the Berkshire pig makes for some royally refined cured meat. The very first single-breed prosciutto made in the USA, it's in a class all its own. Dry-cured in La Quercia's state of the art facilities in Norwalk, Iowa, from the hind meat of humanely raised pigs, this Rossa Prosciutto is tender, ruddy, and deeply meaty. Because it has shorter muscle strands than most breeds, the Berkshire pig produces meat that's sumptuous and velvety once it's been cured with sea salt. Drape it over sliced melon for a regal brunch treat, or dress up a pasta dish by dicing and saut'ing in the sauce to create depth and richness. Our favorite pairing is simply to savor it with bites of Bonati Parmesean, alternating with sips of Barbera or Chianti'a perfect trifecta of flavor, texture, and repose, whether you're sitting on a throne or not.

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4 oz