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Fabrique Delices Black Truffle Butter 3 oz


How, we ask, could anyone make butter better than it already is? The California-based meat masters at Fabriques Delices have been so kind as to supply us with'count them!'FOUR answers. Their butters are made using the traditional French 'baratte' method, meaning the milk is separated, the heaviest portion is spun until thick and smooth, then injected with cream, giving it an intensely sumptuous texture. On top of all that fancy footwork, they've added fresh, rich flavors that raise the butter bar to new heights.

  • Black Truffle - Intense like those kids dressed in black reading Camus. If you're into big truffle flavor, this butter's your man.

  • White Truffle - A subtler, more garlicky flavor profile than its dark brethren'toss this in your pasta if you're all about subtlety and nuance.

  • Porcini - 'Shroomy perfection. Just melt on fresh pasta, grate some Parm and you've got yourself a simply divine meal.

  • Bacon - We're squealing with delight because this bacon butter has actual pieces of meat churned into it, giving it genuine swine flavor without kicking you in the face with it.

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