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Boat Street Pickles French Plums 9 oz


Chef Renee Erickson of Seattle's Boat Street Caf' will pickle just about anything she can get her hands on. Her compulsion to pickle everything AND the kitchen sink has become a hallmark of her Provencal-style cooking and an eclectic staple in any discerning home-chef's pantry. Tangy, syrup-infused figs, plums and raisins will liven up anything you put next to them'we're more than a little fond of spooning one, two, or all three of these onto a cheese plate.

Pickled Figs Black Mission figs soaked in a syrup of wine, cane sugar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and sea salt. Pitch perfect with Bleu d'Auvergne or Selles Sur Cher.

Pickled Plums Plump, pitted prunes in a syrup of cider vinegar, cane sugar, accented with coriander, mustard seed, arbol chili, orange peel and bay leaf. Serve with roast chicken, duck or a hearty Venison Pate, or serve as desert with fresh Buratta or rich and custard-like Casatica di Bufala.

Pickled Golden Raisins Sun-ripened raisins, cured in a sweet and tangy syrup of cider vinegar, mustard seed, thyme, arbol chili, and bay leaf. These are amazing mixed in with coucous pilaf or spooned over filet of sole. On a cheese plate, they work best paired with ripe Camembert and fresh, crusty bread.