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Whitney’s Castleton Crackers Middlebury Maple 5oz


The story goes that back in the 1800's, a Massachusetts baker set out to make a thinner, more portable version of hardtack for soldiers and travelers. He rolled out dough, baked it, then 'cracked' the crip bread by hand, giving us the first crackers. Today, Whitney's bakery in Castleton, VT still makes crackers according to this traditional method.Now packed in a box!

Rutland Rye A hearty crunchy cracker topped with caraway, sesame and poppy seeds, creates a unique whole grain treat. Rutland Rye complements most cheese and gets rave reviews dipped into creamy hummus or when served alongside cured meats.

Maple This slightly sweet cracker hints at maple and pairs well with sharp cheddar, brie or a tangy goat's cheese. Some even enjoy Middlebury Maple crackers with yogurt at breakfast.

Wheat A buttery, more neutral cracker, this slightly salty cracker rounds out cheese plates wonderfully. Try served with creamy cheeses and fruit jam, or accompanying a salad.

Richmond Rosemary These crackers bring nature to the forefront with the lovely herbaceous quality of rosemary. With fragrances of spring and freshness, pair with young cheeses.