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  1. Out of stock Lomo Americano Quick View

    Lomo Americano

    Rumor has it that Herb Eckhouse of Iowa’s La Quercia strolls through his room of curing ham telling them: “Be delicious!” Read More
  2. Fabrique Delices Game Pate Sampler Quick View

    Fabrique Delices Game Pate Sampler

    Got game? The gents over at Fabriques Delices do! Try all three traditional pâtés side-by-side: rabbit, pheasant and venison. Read More
  3. Olli Salame Calabrese Quick View

    Olli Salame Calabrese

    At Olli Salumeria in Virginia, Oliviero Colmignoli employs a kind of porcine alchemy to create his insanely good salame. Read More
  4. Salami Calabrese Quick View

    Salami Calabrese

    Full of paprika and hot pepper, this Southern Italian salami will satisfy your craving for heat without leaving you gasping for air. It's particularly fine with mozzarella--the mingling of the milky fresh cheese with the spicy pork is divine. Read More
  5. Mangalitsa Bacon Quick View

    Mangalitsa Bacon

    The new mantra: wooly pigs make wicked bacon. Orginally raised for consumption exclusively by the Hapsburg royal family, Mangalitsa pigs can now be found on Mosefund Farm in New Jersey. Wooly pig bacon is rich and sweet with ribbons of glorious fat, and a gentle smoke flavor that lingers. Read More
  6. Venison Pate Quick View
  7. Out of stock Loukanika Quick View

    Olympic Provisions

    Loukanika (pronounced "loo-KAH-nik-ah") is a Greek salami that Elias made as an homage to his father and his father's homeland. Flavored with garlic, cumin, and orange zest, this unconventional salami is a purely Greek experience. Read More
  8. Merguez Sausage Quick View

    Fabriques Delices
    Merguez Sausage

    This lamb and beef sausage is brimming with bright North African spices, and makes a beautiful meal served alongside couscous, or a lively addition to any barbeque. Read More
  9. Prosciutto di San Daniele Quick View

    Prosciutto di San Daniele

    More mild and delicate than its robust cousin from Parma, this prosciutto from Northeastern Italy has a velvety texture and beautiful earthy red color. The flavor is plenty nutty, and slightly less salty than other prosciuttos. Read More

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1-9 of 57

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