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  1. Surryano Ham Quick View

    Surry Farms
    Surryano Ham

    Berkshire pigs, a family-tested dry cure recipe, and seven days of hickory smoke all go into creating this robust American varriation on Jamon Serrano. The silky meat is richly marbled and scarlet red with a robust lightly smoky flavor. Read More
  2. Cherrywood Bacon Quick View

    Cherrywood Bacon

    The Nueske family recipe for smoked meats dates back to 1882, though the Smokehouse wasn't officially begun until 1933. Old-fashioned methodology still reigns at this Wisconsin institution, where spice mixtures are ground by hand and meat is still just meatno water, binders, fillers, or extenders added. Read More
  3. BBQ Sticks, 3 Pack Quick View

    BBQ Sticks, 3 Pack

    Vermont Smoke and Cure keeps it real: made with beef and pork, there are no antibiotics, preservatives, gluten or funky junk in these bad boys! Just all natural tasty ingredients. Keep these meaty pick-me-ups close by so you can pick one up whenever hunger strikes. Read More
  4. Crested Duck 16th Street Salami 4 oz Package Quick View

    Crested Duck 16th Street Salami 4 oz Package

    Crested Duck meats are a savory blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation. We feel like lucky ducks with every bite. Read More
  5. Pepperoni Stick Quick View

    Vermont Smoke and Cure
    Pepperoni Stick

    Holy smokes! How Vermont can one pepperoni stick get? Very Vermont when you smoke it over corns cobs and maple wood. The smooth smoky flavor mellows this medium-spicy pepperoni, making it equally suitable to be sliced on its own, diced into eggs, or served atop your pizza. Read More
  6. Wild Boar Salami Quick View

    Wild Boar Salami

    A carefully seasoned blend of half wild boar and half traditional pork goes into this delicious, meaty, and oh-so-lightly gamy salami. Wild in all the right ways! Read More
  7. Guanciale Americano Quick View

    Guanciale Americano

    Watch your fat back, bacon! There’s another cheeky slice making the scene whose sole, plump purpose in your kitchen is to turn sow’s ears into silky, succulent purses. Guanciale (Gwan-cha-lay) comes from the pig’s jowl and consists of delicate fat and ribbons of earthy meat throughout. Read More
  8. Acorn Tamworth Coppa Quick View

    Acorn Tamworth Coppa

    Pigs must be flying, because this meat comes straight from heaven. Sweet caramelly notes and smooth ribbons of luscious fat infuse this collar cut with deep, silky flavor that melts like a slice of cloud nine on your tongue. Read More
  9. Pate de Campagne (Country Pate) Quick View

    Les Trois Petit Cochons
    Pate de Campagne (Country Pate)

    This is the classic, coarse, country pate. Generous chunks of pork are mixed with aromatic hearbs for a satisfyingly meaty pate. Serve with crunchy cornichons, some crusty bread, and a nice bottle of French red. Read More

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1-9 of 63

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