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  1. Crisp and Co. Quick View

    Crisp and Co.


    Marinated Mushrooms- Crisp & Co. founder Thomas Peter grew up near Kennett Square, PA, the “Mushroom Capital of the World.” Inspired by his ‘shroom-filled childhood, he now has small, super-flavorful cremini mushrooms custom grown for Crisp & Co. He seasons them with fresh thyme and bay leaf from a local herb farm, California heirloom garlic and plenty of extra-virgin olive oil. Serve beside cheese and crusty bread; or make a mushroomy pasta salad.

    Spicy Dilly Beans- “I’m a scientist by training, so I looked at [pickle creation] as kind of an experiment. I did experiments with dill seed versus dill weed and different types of garlic…And all these things, surprisingly, have a big impact on the flavor,” says Crisp & Co. founder Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE. With his Spicy Dilly Beans…eureka!  Perfection! Crunchy green beans get delicately pickled in savory spices and Californian heirloom garlic. They’re genius served in a Bloody Mary, or with a spicy blue cheese. 

    Grand Dill Pickles-The secret behind Crisp & Co.’s addictively crunchy, briny dill pickles? Science! Founder Thomas Peter of Hockessin, DE, uses his background — a master's degree in biomedical engineering, a former career as a cancer researcher and passion for molecular gastronomy — to create pickle perfection. These snappy treats get their complexity from ten herbs and spices, Californian heirloom garlic and fresh Kirby cukes. A great friend to BBQ, sandwiches of all kinds…and yummy right out of the jar. 

    Sweet Gingers- These snappy beauties won second place in 16th annual International Pickle Festival in Rosendale, NY in 2014. They’re more sweet than spicy—pickle master Thomas Peter claims they are a great incentive for toddlers to eat dinner. They win adults’ hearts, too, with their fresh, complex flavor. They work wonders in sandwiches, tuna salad, and straight outta the jar. 

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  2. Peppadew Peppers Quick View

    Peppadew Peppers

    Looking for some sweet heat? This mildly piquant pepper is a great addition to recipes that call for red peppers... Read More
  3. Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Quick View

    Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

    As if making our favorite pickle wasn't enough, now the McClure's are mixing their spicy pickle brine with organic tomato juice, fresh pressed cucumber juice and other fresh ingredients to create this devilish, yet somehow rejuvenating Bloody Mary Mixer. Drink it as a vegetable juice cocktail or with your favorite vodka. Read More
  4. Pickle Relish Quick View

    Pickle Relish

    "Relish" the moment when you can put this special condiment out for your friends and family at your next picnic. Read More
  5. Garlic Dill Pickles Quick View

    Garlic Dill Pickles

    Made locally in Brooklyn, and Slow Food supporters, the McClure Brothers make these crispy pickles with local produce and WOW are they tasty. Read More
  6. People's Pickle Quick View

    Rick's Picks
    People's Pickle

    When you can't get Slices of Life turn to these fresher slices of cuke. We love them come summer cause they're light and crunchy, and though there's a ton o' garlic it's well balanced with feathery dill and warm coriander. Robust seasoning means less salt, so count these in the low-sodium camp to boot. Read More
  7. Phat Beets Quick View

    Rick's Picks
    Phat Beets

    Rick's Picks Phat Beet will change your mind about pickled beets. Gone are the flippy-floppy candy-sweet slabs. Here to stay are the aromatic, tangy, savory pink-purple gems. Can't beet that. Read More
  8. Gordy's Pickles Quick View

    Gordy's Pickles

    We’re suckers for these crispy, brine-y, vibrant pickles. These babies are packed by hand every day by Sheila Fain and Sarah Gordon, who put in 15-hour days, and do everything to ensure a great product: from slicing to canning to taping up boxes. No detail is ignored—spice to dice—and the proof is in the pickle. Try: Thai Jalapeno and Sweet Chips Read More
  9. Spicy Garlic Pickles Quick View

    Spicy Garlic Pickles

    Made across the East River in Brooklyn by Slow Food supporters, the McClure Brothers, these spicy spears are a combination of fresh, local produce and crisp brine--these babies will blow the lids off your tastebuds! Read More

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