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  1. Kodiak Flapjack Mix Quick View

    Kodiak Flapjack Mix

    Utah's Kodiak Cakes live up to their name, delivering fierce mouthfuls of whole grain goodness. Their family-run business is the result of a recipe that's been handed down from generation to generation and never ceases to please. It made its way from kitchen, to neighbors and now to you. Read More
  2. New Bees Knees Spicy Honey Quick View

    Bees Knees Spicy Honey

    Sugar and spice and total brilliance is in this bottle of chili-infused raw honey, hand-made in Brooklyn from the elixirs of independent beekeepers in New York’s Hudson Valley. Drizzle over fresh ricotta and vanilla ice cream; slather on toasted bread or corn muffins; make a killer hot toddy. Read More
  3. Pepper Jelly Quick View

    Preservation Society
    Pepper Jelly

    Sugar and spice and everything nice--that’s what this jelly is made of. Read More
  4. Sale Hotties (Spicy Pickle Chips) Quick View

    Rick's Picks
    Hotties (Spicy Pickle Chips)

    Regular Price: $10.99/EA

    Special Price: $9.99/EA

    Hotties are crinkle-cut spicy pickle chips with bold flavor notes of dried habanero and sriracha. Read More
  5. Sale Marcona Almonds Quick View

    Marcona Almonds

    Regular Price: $5.99/EA

    Special Price: $4.99/EA

    In Spain, these are also known as the Queen's almonds. Whether you are a Queen, a Princess, or a Joker, you'll become addicted. Fried in small batches in sunflower oil and sprinkled liberally with sea salt, they are softer and sweeter than California almonds. Read More
  6. Chutney Quick View

    Virginia Chutney Company

    Clare and Nevill, who grew up in England, call Washington, VA in Rappahannock County home. The two met in the Caribbean where they made mango and pineapple chutneys and their passion for the art of chutney (and each other) has burned true ever since. Read More
  7. BBQ Sauce Quick View

    BBQ Sauce

    Price From:
    Info coming soon... Read More
  8. Date Syrup Quick View

    Date Lady
    Date Syrup

    All dates, all the time! The only ingredient in this rich date syrup is 100% organic dates. The sweet flavor and thick texture are reminiscent of molasses or honey, but with the complex, earthy fruitiness that only dates can bring. Read More
  9. New Dried Blenheim Apricots (6 oz) Quick View

    Dried Blenheim Apricots (6 oz)

    In danger of disappearing just a few short years ago, America's own Blenheim is having a long-overdue resurgence. Harvested at the height of summer ripeness, they're honey-sweet and wonderfully versatile. Read More

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1-9 of 107

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