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La Quercia Charcuterie Collection

La Quercia started out by making their signature Prossciutto Americano and gradually expanded by applying the traditional dry curing methods on other cuts of pork that they’d learned while living in Italy. We’re always eager to taste what they come up with next because we know that whatever it is, it’s been made with care and expertise. From raising a litter of piglets to the design and function of their packaging, the Eckhouse’s attention to detail pays off tenfold every time you take a bite. Here’s a sampler of La Quercia’s greatest hits (to date):
  • Prosciutto Americano (3 oz.) – From natural pork producers, only the ''culatello'' hind muscle is used, meaning no bone and more delicate meat to start off the 8 month curing process. It's sweeter than the Italian made—rich and earthy, it’s one of the most versatile meats out there.
  • Speck Americano(3 oz.) – Smoky and sweet, this is Prosciutto’s suave cousin.
  • Lomo Americano (3 oz.) - Silky, savory pork loin at its finest. Adorn your next cheese plate with thin slices of this cocoa and pimenton rubbed rump.
  • Iowa White Spread (6 oz.) - Nothing to do with the latest winter storm, this is soft, seasoned lardo (cured prosciutto fat) that’s been ground to the consistency of butter.

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