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La Quercia Tamworth Sampler

Tamworth pigs are characterized by their bristly red hair and bulky build, which translates into meat that’s golden, tender and perfect for bacon. The meat maestros at La Quercia saw more than one horizon, so didn’t stop with their crazy good Tamworth Bacon; they’ve gone in several delicious directions.

Contains one each of the following:
  • 4 ounce package of Acorn Tamworth Spallacia - a rosy red, well-marbled, pork shoulder masterpiece. The thin slices can be enjoyed as they are or used in recipes to replace prosciutto to dress up appetizers, soups and sauces.
  • 6 ounce package of Acorn Tamworth Coppa - Sweet caramelly notes and smooth ribbons of luscious fat infuse this collar cut with deep, silky flavor that melts like a slice of cloud nine on your tongue.
  • 12 ounce package of Tamworth Bacon - Fully cured, and smoked over real apple wood in La Quercia’s top-notch curing facility in Iowa, you’ve never had bacon like this. This bacon can be eaten raw, sliced thinly and draped over grissini, or cut thickly and cooked until just perfectly crispy.

Just the facts

Country USA
Size 3 packages
Region Iowa
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