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  1. Olympia Sausages Quick View

    Olympia Sausages


    Italian Sausage

    These classic Italian sausages from Portland, Oregon are seasoned with fragrant fennel, garlic and chili. They’re begging to be thrown on the grill or sautéed with onions and peppers. Open a juicy Nero d'Avola and dinner is served. 


    This flavor-bomb is seasoned with pimentón, garlic, oregano, and just a little cayenne for heat, then smoked over apple wood. Appetizer perfection with sheep’s milk cheese and a fruity red like Shiraz or Zinfandel. 


    These plump, pork sausages are inspired by the ubiquitous Austrian street food. They’re studded with Emmenthaler cheese and smoked over apple wood. Cheese dogs! Pair with a snappy Gruner Veltliner or a crisp lager.


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  2. Olympia Summer Sausage Quick View

    Olympia Summer Sausage

    Olympia Summer Sausage is tangy and mildly spiced with mustard and garlic, wax-dipped for handy transporting, and absurdly delicious. A stick of this, plus some clothbound cheddar and a crisp rose, or a big Brown Ale is picnic euphoria. Read More
  3. Chorizo Iberico de Bellota (4 oz Sliced) Quick View

    Chorizo Iberico de Bellota (4 oz Sliced)

    Forget everything you know about workaday deli chorizo and prepare yourself for a true taste of the Spanish countryside. Silken, acorn-finished Iberico de Bellota is spiced with rich Pimenton de la Vera for a rustic, earthy treat, especially paired with a zesty Txakolina. Read More
  4. Salami Felino Quick View

    Salami Felino

    Named after the town in Emilia Romagna where it originated, this traditional Felino is made by Columbus with a 75/25 pork to fat ratio mixed with sea salt and whole black pepper. Read More
  5. Barolo Salami Quick View

    Barolo Salami

    Salumiere Cristiano Creminello pays homeage to Piemonte with this dry-cured sausage bathed in Barolo wine. It's robust and complex with savory, meaty flavor, while the impact of the Barolo has been muted to a pleasant earthy lull. Read More
  6. Truffle Salami Quick View

    Truffle Salami

    Instead of tasting overwhelming or synthetic, here, the fungal, earthy aromatics of summer truffles are blended into Creminelli's signature cure style: incredibly moist and soft in texture. It's a heady and delicate treat! Read More
  7. Wild Boar Salami Quick View

    Wild Boar Salami

    A carefully seasoned blend of half wild boar and half traditional pork goes into this delicious, meaty, and oh-so-lightly gamy salami. Wild in all the right ways! Read More
  8. Salami Finocchiona Quick View

    Salami Finocchiona

    The rich aroma of fennel seeds sets this Tuscan salami apart. Generously sprinkled into the meat before curing, they lend bright herbaceous notes to the creamy fat and minerally pork. The slightly dryer texture of Finocchiona makes it an excellent choice to serve on its own, thinly sliced. Read More

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