Cheese & Cheer


Practicing random acts of kindness is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to bring joy to loved ones. We’ve filled this collection with delicious products and added in a coupon that you can pass along to a fellow cheese lover in your life. Now you can spread cheese and cheer at the same time. Along with 20% OFF a future purchase, this collection contains:

Murray’s Sliced Speck

Murray’s Calabrese Salami

Murray’s La Tur


Piedras de Chocolate

Here’s how the coupon works: 

Step 1 Purchase the Cheese & Cheer collection by January 31 

Step 2 On February 1, you will be emailed a 20% OFF coupon 

Step 3 Send the coupon to a friend or loved one 

Step 4 Give yourself a pat on the back—you’re spreading cheer in the New Year!