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Lioni Latticini
Fresh Mozzarella


Real, fresh mozzarella can bring you to your knees.

Mozzarella is a traditional Italian pasta filata (pulled curd) cheese. By pulling mozzarella curd, shredding it on a chittarra (guitar), plunking it into nearby boiling water, and then continually stretching and pulling it with a paddle, cheesemakers produce a smooth, stretchy, rindless ball. Once a mass has formed, it is mozzare (torn) and re-formed into various shapes and sizes.

Historically produced in the southern Italian regions of Campania, Lazio, and Apulia, Murray’s mozzarella  is made locally of the high quality cows' milk from upstate NY. It is lightly salted, yielding and chewy, with a fresh milk flavor.

Heaven in the cold weather on toasted bread with a drizzle of olive oil, perfectly paired in the warm summer with fresh tomatoes and basil, mozzarella has a fresh, sweet, delicate flavor. It is enlivened by Italian bubbles such as Franciacorta and Prosecco, and complimented by the white wines of the Mezzogiorno – think Fiano di Avellino - that is its historical home

Listen to Murray's Monger-in-Chief Rob Kaufelt talk about mozzarella on NPR's The Splendid Table

Just the facts

Country USA
Region New Jersey
Maker Lioni Latticini
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Age 1 week
Cheese Type Fresh and Chevre
Wheel Weight 1 pound
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Merlot

    A smooth and medium-bodied wine with a more rounded flavor than other reds. Dark fruits are present but with minimal tannins and no noticeable spice.
    Pair with: Earthy tommes like Toma Walser, mellow Fontina, or a lightly aged goat cheese like Leonora.

  • Wheat Beers

    Wheat Beer, Weisse, Hefeweizen, Wit

    Wheat Beer, Weisse, Hefeweizen, Wit
    Pair with: Bright, tangy goat’s milk cheeses like Westfield Capri and buttery bloomy rinds like Nettle Meadow Kunik.

Meet The Maker

A Murray’s staple, Lioni mozzarella is an essential in any kitchen. The Salzarulo family began its tradition in the Latticini business in the town of Lioni, Italy many decades ago. In 1980, the family brought its cheese-making artistry to Brooklyn where it created a name for itself making fresh, whole milk mozzarella. The Salzarulo’s have transformed their small neighborhood business into a nationally renowned manufacturer and distributor of fresh mozzarella in the United States.

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