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Westfield Farm
Westfield Farm Capri

Fresh chevre (a French staple) relies on youth to retain its vibrant, tangy character. Westfield Farm accomplishes this by making cheese several times a week only a few hours from the city in Hubbardston, MA. Made of pasteurized goat's milk, the lactic, milky paste has a delicate character with citrus flavors. The high moisture content of the style and natural lean character of goats milk makes this cheese technically 'low fat', though no skimming has taken place and the paste retains its rich and creamy quality. So healthy and versatile - chevre is fast achieving American ubiquity thanks to local producers like this. Use in lieu of cream cheese, top with fresh berries, or slather on baguette with a glass of Sancerre.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region Massachusetts
Maker Westfield Farm
Milk Type Goat
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Age 1 week
Cheese Type Fresh and Chevre
Wheel Weight 3 pounds
Meet The Maker

Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, since 1971. Located on 20 acres in Central Massachusetts, the farm turns out a little over 1500 pounds of cheese per week. Their careful attention to their animals and craftsmanship are what keep us coming back for more. Westfield’s flagship goat cheese, Capri, is one of our favorite recommendations on the counter when customers ask for fresh, zesty goat cheese.

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