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Maytag Blue

Son, you gotta find an interest, a hobby, and stick to it, said Elmer Maytag, an independent businessman wearing a spotless white shirt with a spring fresh scent. "So, what'll it be?" And when Frederick and Robert Maytag asked for a herd of cows, their founder-father of the washing machine company gave them one! A project with the dairy department of Iowa State began the manufacture of Maytag Blue in 1941. To this day, this sweet, nutty blue cheese with a piquant flavor and smooth, soft texture, made from unpasteurized Holstein milk, remains one of the reigning achievements in American cheesemaking. Great to plate (just like any other excellent blue) and makes the best blue cheese dressing of all time!

Just the facts

Milk Type No
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type No
Age No
Cheese Type No

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