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Lioni Latticini
Smoked Mozzarella

The Lioni family has been perfecting their whole cows' milk mozz for generations - it's delicate and moist with a clean milky flavor. The cheese is made nearby in Jersey with milk from a herd in upstate NY, then transformed into the most perfect antipasto ever. They take it a step further here with a heady treatment of hickory and cherry wood-smoke. Hand rolled into pinwheels layered with prosciutto, it's ready to slap down for your guests alongside marinated artichoke hearts and a carafe of Chianti. Salty, sweet, bravo!

Just the facts

Country USA
Region New Jersey
Maker Lioni Latticini
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Age 1 week
Cheese Type Smoked and Flavored
Wheel Weight 1 pound
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Tempranillo

    Medium-bodied with flavors of cherry, as well as some cranberry which lends bright acidity. Cinnamon and clove spices, and earthy, leathery flavors balance things out.
    Pair with: Sheep’s milk cheese like Malvarosa or Pyrenees Brebis, flavored cheese (truffles, herbs, or spices), and younger leaf-wrapped cheeses with some funk – think Robiola Foglie de Fico.

  • Lagers and Kolsch

    Lager, Dunkel, Schwarz, Pilsner, Kolsch Ale

    Lagers run the gamut from crisp, pale Pilsners to dark-malted Dunkels and Märzens. Flavors are typically approachable and mellow, a delicate balance of toasted bread, gentle sweetness, and mild hop bitterness for structure.
    Pair with: Almost any firm, mild cheese like Tomme de Savoie or Landaff Creamery Landaff.

Meet The Maker

A Murray’s staple, Lioni mozzarella is an essential in any kitchen. The Salzarulo family began its tradition in the Latticini business in the town of Lioni, Italy many decades ago. In 1980, the family brought its cheese-making artistry to Brooklyn where it created a name for itself making fresh, whole milk mozzarella. The Salzarulo’s have transformed their small neighborhood business into a nationally renowned manufacturer and distributor of fresh mozzarella in the United States.

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Makes a great cheese plate with...