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Ellsworth Creamery
Cheese Curds

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Displaced Wisconsinites and snack lovers across the nation have cause to rejoice: fresh from the vat cheddar cheese curds! The milky sweetness, slight saltiness, and hint of bright sharpness – not to mention that addictive squeaky texture – lend themselves to infinite snackable scenarios. Game day? Breaded & fried, they’re a snack for the ages. In need of serious sustenance? Layer on fries and slather with gravy for Québécoise poutine. Or just pile up a bowl high and munch on them like popcorn—and good luck saving any for the next day. Made for us by the fine folks at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in the Flatiron District, NYC, it doesn’t get any fresher than this. Grab a Brooklyn Lager and the sporting event of your choice and snack away.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region Wisconsin
Maker Ellsworth Creamery
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type No
Age Fresh
Cheese Type One of a Kind
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Lagers and Kolsch

    Lager, Dunkel, Schwarz, Pilsner, Kolsch Ale

    Lagers run the gamut from crisp, pale Pilsners to dark-malted Dunkels and Märzens. Flavors are typically approachable and mellow, a delicate balance of toasted bread, gentle sweetness, and mild hop bitterness for structure.
    Pair with: Almost any firm, mild cheese like Tomme de Savoie or Landaff Creamery Landaff.

  • Hoppy Beers

    Pale Ale, IPA, Amber, Red Ale

    Hops, glorious hops! Think of hops as the seasoning for beer: they lend the bitter yin to balance malt’s sugary yang. In IPAs and other hoppy beers this humble flower takes center stage. Flavors range from grassy to grapefruit, earthy and dry to resinous pine, depending on which hop varietals are used.
    Pair with: Cheeses with enough body to stand up to the bitterness, like clothbound cheddar or aged Gouda.

Meet The Maker

Ellsworth, Wisconsin – aka the "Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin" is home to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, producer of our favorite cheese curds. The company was organized in 1908 by 30 farmers looking to pool their resources to finance a butter-making operation. Today over 495 local dairy farmers contribute rBST-free milk that is used to make butter, cheese, and of course the insanely popular cheese curds!

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