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Murray's Cavemaster Reserve

Before Central Park became an oasis of greenery within the concrete jungle that is New York City, it was referred to as the “Greensward Plan,” an innovative vision that distilled aesthetic balance from lush landscape and urban development. Greensward was the code word for a harmonious, scenic place that was free to all citizens. We created this cheese to have a similar effect on the palate: a soft-ripened raw cows’ milk cheese, brought to us young from Jasper Hill Creamery, is aged in our caves and washed with Ithaca Beer Co.’s Picnic Basket Ale until it develops a rusty orange hue. Originally inspired by, and created for, Chef Daniel Humm’s iconic New York Menu at Eleven Madison Park, it combines the unique elegance of both city and country. As these plump, spruce-bound rounds mature, their insides become dense and creamy, picking up deep, meaty flavors that range from brandied cherries to charred steak. Short of taking a rambling walk through the Sheep Meadow, there’s nothing else in New York that will put your quite mind at ease in the midst of modern craziness.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region New York, by way of Vermont
Maker Murray's Cavemaster Reserve
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Age No
Cheese Type Brie and Creamy
Wheel Weight 10 ounces
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Bourbon

    Think: Caramelly, crystalline Aged Gouda has the strength to stand up to bolder booze With sweet Bourbon it’s almost like dessert.
    With sweet Bourbon it’s almost like dessert.

  • Pinot Noir

    Lighter bodied and delicate. Old World style generally offers more funk, New World more fruit.

    Old World Pinot: Flavors of fresh cherries and raspberry balanced by a barnyard funk and high minerality. Sometimes has floral aromas, reminiscent of rose petal.
    Pair with: Almost anything! Works with funky Frenchies Epoisses and Langres, or mild natural rinds like St. Nectaire.

    New World Pinot: More sugary, with jam-like fruit, dried cherries, oak, and spice.
    Pair with: Full, fatty flavors. Alpines, cheddars, and Manchego.


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