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Meadow Creek Dairy

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Just the facts

Country USA
Region Virginia
Maker Meadow Creek Dairy
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 6 - 9 months
Cheese Type Swiss and Nutty
Wheel Weight 14 pounds
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Merlot

    A smooth and medium-bodied wine with a more rounded flavor than other reds. Dark fruits are present but with minimal tannins and no noticeable spice.
    Pair with: Earthy tommes like Toma Walser, mellow Fontina, or a lightly aged goat cheese like Leonora.

  • Bourbon

    Think: Caramelly, crystalline Aged Gouda has the strength to stand up to bolder booze With sweet Bourbon it’s almost like dessert.
    With sweet Bourbon it’s almost like dessert.

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