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Uplands Cheese Company
Pleasant Ridge Reserve Extra Aged


Made of raw cows' milk from 9 cross-breeds. Cheesemaker Mike Gingrich describes it best: 'Our cows graze lush pastures from early spring through fall just as all cows did before the industrialization of our food system. The result is milk that has excellent nutritional value and more varied and subtle flavor notes.' Uplands has a herd of 150 cows with an additional 45-50 yearlings and 50 calves. In Fall 2004 Mike built a cheesemaking room and enlarged his aging caves on Uplands' premises, making this a true farmstead production. The animals are outside all year round, going dry in early winter and beginning to calve in late March. ''Extra Aged'' is matured for 12-18 months, intensifying its flavors, especially the sweetness. We say: smooth, even pressed flesh with rich fruit, olives, herbs and a tang on the finish to rival the best Beaufort. 2014 American Cheese Society Winner.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region Wisconsin
Maker Uplands Cheese Company
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 12-18 months
Cheese Type Swiss and Nutty
Wheel Weight 5 pounds
Pairing Recommendations

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    This wine is all over the map – literally! Flavor varies widely depending on where and how it’s made.

    Old World Chardonnay: crisp and minerally, with flavors of apples and roasted pears.
    Pair with: Fresh or bloomy rind cheese, like Delice de Bourgogne

    New World Chardonnay (USA, warmer climates): richly buttery and oaky, heavy notes of vanilla, brown butter, and tropical fruits.
    Pair with: Slightly stronger cheese like sweet Prairie Breeze cheddar, or a mild washed rind like Keeley’s Across the Pond.


    Oxidized Chardonnay: When Chardonnay is intentionally exposed to air it is “oxidized.” Common in the Jura mountain region, this wine is almost sherry-like with spicy, nutty flavors.
    Pair with: Play up the bolder flavors with a more complex or funky cheese. Almost any Alpine cheese, like Comte, or earthy aged goat cheese like Chevrot make a great match.

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    Old World Cabernet: Earthy with aromas of leather, hay, and dark dried fruits. Sometimes a hint of eucalyptus or violet.
    Pair with: Cheese with flavor that can stand up to this big wine. Alpine style cheeses like Comte or Appenzeller and some sweeter blues like Bleu d’Auvergne would make a good match.

    New World Cabernet: Characterized by bold oaky flavors and high levels of tannins. These wines are about as full-bodied as you can get, very jammy with flavors of reduced fruit.
    Pair with: Sweet clothbound cheddar or a Grana style cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano or Podda Classico.


Meet The Maker

The Patenaude and Gingrich families of southwestern Wisconsin spent years as neighbors, tending separate farms, but joined forces in 1994 to create the Uplands Cheese Company. Together, they built a dairy that culled knowledge from the deep reservoir of Wisconsin cheese making traditions that have been passed down from the Alpine cheesemakers who emigrated to the area over the past two hundred years. The proof is in the raw milk from their grass-fed herd—pure and simple. This careful attention to craftsmanship and tradition is apparent in their exceptionally flavorful, seasonally produced cheeses, Pleasant Ridge (and Pleasant Ridge Extra Aged) and Rush Creek Reserve. Both are based on Alpage recipes (Gruyere and Vacherin Mont D’Or, respectively) but tailored to Uplands’ own milk supply that picks up its unique nuances from the diverse range of native grasses, legumes and herbs that grow on their hillsides.

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