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Murray's Classes

At Murray’s there’s only one thing we love more than cheese - sharing that passion for cheese with you. We’ve designed our educational events to offer you a myriad of ways to get your cheese on: take a class in Murray’s award-winning classroom, The Cheese Course, where you can taste through half a dozen a point cheeses with our expert instructors or join us as we travel to City Winery to marry our illustrious cheese with the fantastic wines produced and selected by the grape gurus at City Winery. If you’re ready to take it up to the next lactic level, enlist in our Murray's Boot Camp, a three day intensive weekend chock full of everything you could ever want to know about cheese and then some. Looking for a private class tailored your group’s interests? We’re happy to work with you to plan a private class that perfectly suits you.

Check out our class options below, and gear up to learn more about cheese than you’d ever thought possible. Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Education Department at 212.243.3289 x 42 or

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  1. Cheese 101 Quick View

    Cheese 101

    Calling all cheeselovers! Whether you're an Epoisses expert or a Roquefort rookie, Cheese 101 is the place to be. We'll walk you through a tasting of seven families of cheese--from fresh to bloomy to blue and everything in between--so that you leave armed with the knowledge you need to approach even the most daunting of cheese counters and create a perfect cheese course of your own. Every cheese has a story, and we'll explore each one, all while enjoying unlimited pours of our house sparkling and red wines to pair with your plate of our favorite cheeses at peak perfection. Find Out More
  2. Mozzarella Making Quick View

    Mozzarella Making

    Mild and milky, smooth and silky: any way you stretch it, we love fresh mozzarella! And in this hands-on crash course we'll teach you how to make it at home. First we'll set you straight on coagulation as we tell you how milk turns from fluid to firm curds. Then we'll all roll up our sleeves to turn curds into the beautiful balls that we know as fresh mozzarella. Taste several samples of fresh pasta filata (pulled curd) style cheeses (think Mozzarella, Bufala, Burrata, oh my!), enjoy unlimited pours of our house sparkling and red wines, and bring home your own mozzarella masterpiece. Find Out More
  3. Wine & Cheese 101 Quick View

    Wine & Cheese 101

    While it's difficult to imagine not enjoying a sip of wine with a hunk of your favorite cheese, certain combinations will particularly titillate your tongue and make your soul sing. Join us for a whirlwind tour of the wine and cheese world as we sample red, white, and dessert wines from around the world. Learn which cheese types best match your favorite wines and get insider tips on how to find the right match on your own. Join us for a pairing session to explicate the essential fundamentals of wine and cheese harmony. Find Out More
  4. Out of stock Beer and Cheese 101 Quick View

    Beer and Cheese 101

    Folks have only been brewing beer and noshing on cheese for oh, several thousand years or so, and we're not about to argue with millennia of delicious history. Whether we're pairing German smoked Rauchbiers with a meaty washed rind cheese for a pure bacon bomb or bright wheat beers and creamy triple creams conjuring banana bread bliss, we'll work our way through six outstanding (and occasionally outlandish) beer and cheese pairings, guaranteed to have you singing--nay, shouting--the praises of pairing beer and cheese. Find Out More
  5. Out of stock Cheers! Bubbly and Cheese // Mon Dec 15 6:30-8:00pm Quick View

    Cheers! Bubbly and Cheese // Mon Dec 15 6:30-8:00pm

    It's time to celebrate; holidays are just around the corner and we can't think of a better way to start off the holiday season than with a sparkling glass of wine! Join us as we taste through the world of champagne, cava, and other delights to fill your flute. Learn the difference between petillante, cremant, perlant, and reciottoand see for yourself how the acidity, effervescence, and complexity of sparkling wines provide the perfect foil for cheese, from rich triple cream indulgences to nutty, dense mountain cheeses. After it's all said and done, leave with the knowledge you need to toast to togetherness with utmost deliciousness. Find Out More
  6. Out of stock Winter Whites: Wine and Cheese // Wed Dec 17 6:30-8:00pm Quick View

    Winter Whites: Wine and Cheese // Wed Dec 17 6:30-8:00pm

    Attention all white wine lovers: reds aren't the only option for those cold winter nights! Join us for an evening of exploration into the world of those white wines that are perfect for sipping fireside. From rich, aged Riojas to hefty Rieslings and beyond, taste 6 whites from around the globe and their perfect cheesy compliments. Find Out More
  7. Out of stock Tis the Season: Seasonal Cheeses // Thu Dec 18 6:30-8:00pm Quick View

    Tis the Season: Seasonal Cheeses // Thu Dec 18 6:30-8:00pm

    Cheeses, like all good things come and go with the changing of the seasons. Some of the best cheeses of the year arrive just in time for the holiday season! Discover why some cheeses are only made with winters milk and why some of the creamiest cheeses come out to play during the holidays. Join us as we taste through the best of these sensational seasonal favorites! Find Out More
  8. Out of stock THE MOST DECADENT NIGHT EVER.  // Fri Dec 19 6:30-8:00pm Quick View

    THE MOST DECADENT NIGHT EVER. // Fri Dec 19 6:30-8:00pm

    We're pulling out all the stops for this one-of-a-kind, first-in-class, top-of-the-line tasting event. Nothing - and we mean nothing - is too good for our Cheese Course guests. Sip on Champagne (the real stuff) while you learn about (we mean taste) foie gras, caviar, honest-to-goodness truffles, and of course, the best cheeses we have to offer. We've brought in a bounty of luxurious goodies, which just happen to taste better when we taste them with you. Find Out More
  9. Feast of the Seven Cheeses // Sat Dec 20 4:30-6:00pm Quick View

    Feast of the Seven Cheeses // Sat Dec 20 4:30-6:00pm

    The holidays are here and we have seven cheesy reasons to celebrate! Enjoy a glass of bubbly as we taste through seven hand selected cheeses augmented by some of our favorite Murray's accompaniments. Join us for a night of sensory delight filled with seven cheese-centric amuse bouche style morsels! Find Out More

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