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Käserei Krümmenswil

Northeast of Zurich, in the Toggenburg region of Switzerland, Försterkäse is produced by 2nd generation cheesemaker Ernst Dirriwächter, schooled by parents and grandparents. The land is flat, with many rolling orchards, and the Diriwachter Schmid dairy produces new cheeses using traditional production methods. "Försterkäse" means the "lumberjack cheese," referring to the thick, chocolatey pine band traditionally used to bind runny cheese in a time before plastic molds. A two pound wheel of thermalized cow's milk, washed in brine and bound with pungent pine, the smell is fierce, but the soft paste is layered, complex, and gentle. The binding imparts a definite woodsiness that is salty and full without the barnyardy flavors of classic French washed rinds. An unusual treasure.

Just the facts

Country Switzerland
Region Sankt Gallen, Krümmenswil
Maker Käserei Krümmenswil
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Unpasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 2-4 months
Cheese Type Stinky
Wheel Weight 1.5 lbs
Pairing Recommendations

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