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Collections / Assortments

Collections / Assortments

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  1. Out of stock Super S'mores Set Quick View

    Super S'mores Set

    Even if there’s sand in your sleeping bag and someone forgot the bug spray, you can turn any camping trip into glamping with this set of small-batch, handmade treats. Campout greatness begins and ends with: mindblowing Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows, crisp Reids of Caithness Oatie Bites and rich Fruition milk chocolate. Just add a campfire and you’ve got s’mores you’ll be singing about for years to come. Warning: attracts fancy bears. Find Out More
  2. Back to School Emergency Snack Supply Quick View

    Back to School Emergency Snack Supply

    Snack time is no time to mess around. We all need a treat come 4 o’clock, and these are some of the tastiest we’ve come across: real-deal all natural Cream-Nut Peanut Butter from Koeze, fresh-from-the-bramble Blackberry Jam, fruity Pizzuta Almonds from Italy, tart dried cherries and buttery, hearty Rye Cakes from Effie’s. Mix and match, spoon right out of the jar, these are the snacks have the power to propel you out of any slump. Find Out More
  3. Cheddar Champs Collection Quick View

    Cheddar Champs Collection

    Enjoy your ringside seats as you experience this historic face-off LIVE in your very own home! Find Out More
  4. Spanish Tapas Collection Quick View

    Spanish Tapas Collection

    Brighten your table with fresh finds from Espana. Your friends will be saying muchas gracias while relishing earthy, delicate flavors that pair nicely with cava or rose. So let the sun in and try these new spins on Spanish cheese and meat classics. Find Out More
  5. Murray's Mac & Cheese Kits Quick View

    Murray's Mac & Cheese Kits

    In our search for the elixir of life—AKA the perfect mac and cheese—we’ve tested many-a recipe. To paraphrase those Brooklyn poets, the Beastie Boys, we’ve been “working harder than ever, and you can call it macking.” At long last, our cheese alchemy has led us to this: a recipe we can’t keep secret, a dish so perfectly balanced and proportioned we must make its excellence known! We’ve created an ideal pot of—crisp-on-the-top, molten-in-the-middle— gold. The Classic Mac collection includes all the cheese you need to recreate our recipe the way it’s made by our chef at the Murray’s Cheese Bar in Greenwich Village. Find Out More
  6. Torus and Seashore Honey Duo Quick View

    Torus and Seashore Honey Duo

    Looks like a donut, tastes like a cheesy croissant—buttered paste, yeasty rind, and a hint of minerality from its time in our caves . Now exclusively paired with Classe ouvrière seashore honey – A spring honey of the Gaspé region. As seen in The Wall Street Journal. Find Out More
  7. La Quercia Cucina Collection Quick View

    La Quercia Cucina Collection

    This is piggy paradise for any chef looking to add delicious, fatty flavors to their next dish. Our hand-picked sampler gives you a range of cuts to work with, putting on display the whole hog spectrum of textures and tastes that this little piggy has to offer. Find Out More
  8. La Quercia Charcuterie Collection Quick View

    La Quercia Charcuterie Collection

    La Quercia started out by making their signature Prossciutto Americano and gradually expanded by applying the traditional dry curing methods on other cuts of pork that they’d learned while living in Italy. We’re always eager to taste what they come up with next because we know that whatever it is, it’s been made with care and expertise. Find Out More

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