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Signature Assortments

Signature Assortments

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  1. American Artisans Quick View

    American Artisans

    From a round of buttery goodness of the Hudson Valley to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont's Blue caves, these All-American finds shout patriotism (of the most delicious sort). Read More
  2. Murray's Essential Holiday Gift (Small) Quick View

    Murray's Essential Holiday Gift (Small)

    Though we can't all be Martha Stewart, we can certainly pretend. This collection is the first step to being ready to entertain in easy, breezy style, whether you're planning a get-together or have unexpected guests drop by. All you have to do is set everything out on your favorite board, and you're good to go. Read More
  3. Greatest Hits Quick View

    Greatest Hits

    Like belting “Don’t Stop Believin’” on karaoke night, these cheeses hit the spot every time. Greatest Hits is a well-rounded playlist—the solid gold go-to’s that we reach for time and time again because they top the charts on all occasions. Read More
  4. Viva Espana Quick View

    Viva Espana

    España, the world’s most sought-after culinary destination, is home to the most elegant cheeses and snacks in existence. So we took a cue from the masters and built the ultimate Spanish tapas gift. From grassy sheep’s milk cheese to hot sausage to sweet, fruity quince paste, it’s all here. We also added a wedge of hearty blue with a tight balance of salt and spice, some spreadable buttery cow’s milk cheese and an assortment of almonds – some that are deep fried in sunflower oil, others dipped in chocolate. Our mouths are watering just talking about this. Now we know where Picasso got his mojo from! Read More
  5. Mother's Day Gift Platter Quick View

    Mother's Day Gift Platter


    Seasonal favorites that are uniquely beautiful, just like Mom, paired with sweet cherry jam and buttery oatcakes. We'll send her four unique cheeses to enjoy on her day of leisure; starting with the creamy St. Marks, moving on to the rich, decadent La Tur and finishing off with the sweet Marieke Gouda and lemony Humboldt Fog! Treat Mom like the lady she is with this collection of cheeses and accompaniments that are brimming with style, grace and exquisite flavors.

    Our Mother's Day Gift includes •TANGY Humboldt Fog (8 ounces) •CREAMY La Tur (8 ounces) •SPREADABLE St. Marks (2.8 ounces) •SWEET Marieke Gouda (8 ounces) •FRUITY Murray's Cherry Jam •THICK Murray's Wildflower Honey •FLAKY Effie's Oatcakes *This item only available through Read More
  6. Grill Master Pack Quick View

    Grill Master Pack

    Kick off your backyard summer barbecues with a grilling kit for the ages. Big and bold, folks, we’re talkin’ juicy sausages and plump bratwursts with whole grain mustard and garlic dill relish for a flavor-packed mix of spicy and sour and sweet. And because we’re feeling extra sunny, we had an idea of adding some sausage with gooey cheese layered right into it, so we’re putting some Kasekrainer in this pack. That’s right, meet and cheese – two concepts, one product, mind blown, you’re welcome. Murray’s and summer barbecues, what more can you ask for? Get grillin’! Read More
  7. New The Perfect Picnic Collection Quick View

    The Perfect Picnic Collection

    AS SEEN IN O MAGAZINE! Pack these treats in your summer picnic basket! We’ve gathered our favorite warm weather essentials together for a relaxing afternoon in the park. Lay a checkered tablecloth on the grass, pour a glass of lemonade and feast on these crisp summertime cheeses and snacks. Oprah’s favorite! And ours too! Read More
  8. Hudson Valley Trio Quick View

    Hudson Valley Trio

    Here at Murray’s, we know cheese. So do the folks at Old Chatham Sheepherding Company. That’s why we’ve joined together for this must-have gift. Read More
  9. Bacon Lover's Trio Quick View

    Bacon Lover's Trio

    These products aren't from the corner store, they will be the best bacon you've ever cooked. Read More

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