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Collections / Assortments

Collections / Assortments

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  1. Ultimate Brown Bag Collection Quick View

    Ultimate Brown Bag Collection

    Your deskmate is going to be so jealous when you pull THIS sandwich out of your bag. Just add a slice or two of your favorite bread (might we suggest seeded rye?) and you’ve got the fixings for a sandwich not soon to be forgotten. One of our mongers’ most favorite cheeses, Challerhocker, made by Swiss cheese-genius, Walter Rass, adds nutty complexity to everything it touches, and meets its perfect match in classic Jambon Royale; the flavors of both are enhanced by handmade tangy, grainy mustard from Lusty Monk. Give yourself a break from reheated veggie patties while trolling the internet for dancing kittens and enjoy the best sandwich in town (internet kittens not included). Find Out More
  2. New Vermont Creamery Cheesemaker's Kitchen Collection Quick View

    Vermont Creamery Cheesemaker's Kitchen Collection

    Have you ever wondered how to use Crème Fraiche? What Mascarpone is? Why cultured butter tastes so darn good? Allison Hooper, co-founder of Vermont Creamery, reveals the secrets of fresh cheeses and offers fantastic, cheesy recipes that showcase her award-winning products in her book, In A Cheesemaker's Kitchen. Together with the Creamery's most iconic fresh cheeses, the Vermont Creamery Cheesemaker's Kitchen Collection is the perfect kit to inspire cheese-loving cooks or begin a novice curdophile's kitchen education. Find Out More
  3. Murray's Irish Trio Quick View

    Murray's Irish Trio

    You can try to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or you can let us send you its cheesy equivalent. Our eyes are smiling and our mouths are watering for 3 of Ireland’s finest farmstead cheeses: sweet Mossfield Organic, meaty Ardrahan and mossy Cashel Blue, with a box of hearty Sheridan’s crackers. You can taste the sea-salted air and lush, green pastures of Ireland in every bite. Naturally, a pint of your favorite ale will pair perfectly!
    Contains 1/2 lb of three cheeses and a box of Sheridan's crackers Find Out More
  4. Out of stock Primavera Italiana Quick View

    Primavera Italiana

    Step away from the hustle-bustle and savor the flavors of Italian countryside craftsmanship. Our sampling of numero uno goods from all over the boot will give you and yours a tasting tour to savor. Find Out More
  5. Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Fromage à Trois Quick View

    Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Fromage à Trois

    Our collaboration with Old Chatham Sheepherding Company in upstate New York brings you 3 special cheeses—only available RIGHT HERE. This fine trio is perfect for an at-home tasting party. Find Out More

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