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Green Mountain Gems


All the cool kids (and sheep and cows…) get to graze on the rolling slopes of this cheesemaking hub. The landscape is a prime setting for grazing and cultivating complex flavors in the animals’ milk. Our selection includes:

  • .5lb Tarentaise – An homage to Alpine tommes like Beaufort and Abondance, this version holds its own with nutty complexity

  • 1 Coupole – Dome-shaped and velvety through and through, Vermont Creamery wows us yet again

  • .5 Bayley Hazen Blue – The Cellars at Jasper Hill age this phenomenally balanced blue—pockets of spice tucked away in a creamy, savory paste

  • .5 Pawlet – With meaty panache, Consider Bardwell delivers a real showstopper made from raw Jersey cow’s milk

  • 1 box Castleton Rye crackers – Addictive and flavorful crackers that are amazing on their own and add a little something extra to your cheese eating experience

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