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Greatest Hits


Like belting “Don’t Stop Believin’” on karaoke night, these cheeses hit the spot every time. Greatest Hits is a well-rounded playlist—the solid gold go-to’s that we reach for time and time again because they top the charts on all occasions.

Greatest Hits comes in our Murray's Cheese wooden gift crate and contains:

SHARP Murray's English Cheddar
CREAMY Murray's Brie
SWEET Murray's Estate Gouda
MILD Murray's 1 Year Manchego
NUTTY Murray's Cave Aged Gruyere
CRUNCHY Urban Oven Crackers

Greatest Hits collection contains 2.5 pounds of cheese and serves a crowd of 6-10 hungry fans.

SERVE WITH American Craft Brews, crisp Ciders, or a buttery Chardonnay
MUSIC Kick the party off with Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" or Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
PERFECT FOR The Best Friend, Your Favorite Co-Worker, Game Night
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