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Murray's Gifts

Murray's Gifts

Discover the season's most delicious assortments! Browse our Entertaining & Gift Guide HERE!

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  1. Cave Aged Champlain Valley Triple Cream Quick View

    Champlain Valley Creamery
    Champlain Valley Triple Cream

    Carleton Yoder makes this lovely little triple creme by hand from a neighbor's organic milk. The fluffy, buttery wonder is luxurious, satisfying and cheaper than a trip to the spa. Read More
  2. Langres Quick View


    Who needs a flute when your cheese can hold your bubbly for you? Made in Champagne and finished with a concave top designed to hold a bit of the eponymous sparkler, cheesemakers wash each little cow’s milk round with brine and then rub it with raccou, a natural colorant derived from a tropical shrub. Read More
  3. Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar Quick View

    Due Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar

    Let the sometimes difficult task of picking a high quality balsamic vinegar be made a little easier! This Italian offering from the famed city of Modena has a perfectly clean, sweetly acidic flavor and satisfying dense consistency. Read More
  4. New Sale Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo Quick View

    Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo

    Regular Price: $32.99/EA

    Special Price: $29.99/EA

    Coming Soon... Read More
  5. New Wine Lover's Collection Quick View

    Wine Lover's Collection


    So you and your valentine are staying in. Good call, it's cold out there. Snuggle up. We're all about keeping it sweet and easy for lovers, but we're also about making the night memorable, so we've cooked-up three intensely romantic sweet cheese assortments for your special date. Not sure which assortment to choose? No problem, just tell us what you'll be drinking and we'll take it from there!

    All 3 Collections Come With: • CHOCOLATEY Murray's Munchies
    RICH Mascarpone
    BUTTERY Effie's Oat Cakes
    LUXURIOUS Whipped Maple Cream

    Champagne Pairing Comes With: • EARTHY Truffle Tremor
    SHEEPY Ewephoria
    VELVETY Camembert

    White Wine Pairing Comes With: • BUTTERSCOTCHY Roomano
    FUDGY Crottin de Chavignol
    TRIPLE CREME St. Stephen

    Red Wine Pairing Comes With: • NUTTY Gruyere
    SMOOTH Roncal
    SPICY Bayley Hazen Blue


    Read More
  6. Fondue Set Quick View

    Fondue Set

    The Fondue Gift Set is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With this set, your party is destined for solid gold grooviness, so dim the lights, blend the cheeses, and get the crowd into a dipping kind of mood. Read More
  7. Greatest Hits Quick View

    Greatest Hits

    Like belting “Don’t Stop Believin’” on karaoke night, these cheeses hit the spot every time. Greatest Hits is a well-rounded playlist—the solid gold go-to’s that we reach for time and time again because they top the charts on all occasions. Read More
  8. Fabrique Delices Game Pate Sampler Quick View

    Fabrique Delices
    Fabrique Delices Game Pate Sampler

    Got game? The gents over at Fabrique Delices do! Try all three traditional pâtés side-by-side: rabbit, pheasant and venison. Read More

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