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Cheese 101


In the beginning there was the curd and it was…delicious. Taste and learn cheese basics with this curiosity-satisfying collection. Cheese 101 is a generous mix of milk types, textures, and flavors that will put the aspiring curd nerds in your life on the path to becoming bona fide cheese experts. Whether it’s an introduction or a brush-up course, theses cheeses satisfy a hunger to cover all the cheese basics. Our version of study hall looks a little something like this…

Cheese 101 comes in our Murray's Cheese wooden gift crate and includes:

TANGY Chabichou
RICH Ossau Iraty
COMPLEX Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
STINKY Taleggio
FRUITY Dansk Blue
CRISP 34 Degrees Crackers
SLEEK Murray's Cheese Knife

Cheese 101 contains 2.25 pounds of cheese and will serve 6-8 hungry scholars.

SERVE WITH Something fruity and fun—try a delicious Lambic or a yeasty Farmhouse Ale
MUSIC The teacher's pet suggests Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and Aerosmith's "Hot for Teacher"
PERFECT FOR The Friend Who Just Started Liking Olives, Budding Foodies, Long Lost Pals, Graduation Gift
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