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Midwestern Marvels


The heartland is famous for its farms, grassy prairies and the wholesome, good food that’s raised there. The collection includes:

  • .5lb Pleasant Ridge Reserve – We hand-pick our batches, selecting only the wheels with our preferred flavor profile: toasted almonds and pineapple, redolent of the sweet grass on which the cows of Uplands Cheese graze

  • 1 lb Prairie Breeze Cheddar – Oh, sweet cheeses…we love a cheddar that’s as balanced as this one: a little bite followed by a lot of grassy sweetness! 

  • .5 Dunbarton Blue – 4th generation cheesemaker, Chris Roelli, developed this pressed, raw cow’s milk cheese into something uniquely American: a cheddar-like cheese with blue veins

  •  4oz La Quercia Prosciutto Rossa – Iowa-raised ham that’s succulent, rosy and rich

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