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Roth Kase
Grand Cru Gruyere Surchoix

Most Gruyeres we know and love are from the Alpine spine of Europe. But there's room in our hearts for this American version from Monroe, Wisconsin, teensy in comparison to the huge wheels of the Old Country. The Roth Kase Cellars are well known for European interpretations due to their long history of sheltering immigrant dairymen. Bold and meaty in both texture and flavor, it melts wonderfully. The most perfect round holes are a sign of loving care during its 12 months aging in cellars. Made from thermalized milk, sourced from a co-op in the heart of America's dairyland.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region Wisconsin
Maker Roth Kase
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Microbial
Age 9-16 months
Cheese Type Swiss and Nutty
Wheel Weight 18 lbs.
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Malbec

    This rustic wine is inky and dark, full-bodied with plenty of tannins. Fruity flavors of plums and berries are contrasted by spice and leather.
    Pair with: Equally toothsome cheeses like Boerenkaas Gouda.

  • Chardonnay

    This wine is all over the map – literally! Flavor varies widely depending on where and how it’s made.

    Old World Chardonnay: crisp and minerally, with flavors of apples and roasted pears.
    Pair with: Fresh or bloomy rind cheese, like Delice de Bourgogne

    New World Chardonnay (USA, warmer climates): richly buttery and oaky, heavy notes of vanilla, brown butter, and tropical fruits.
    Pair with: Slightly stronger cheese like sweet Prairie Breeze cheddar, or a mild washed rind like Keeley’s Across the Pond.


    Oxidized Chardonnay: When Chardonnay is intentionally exposed to air it is “oxidized.” Common in the Jura mountain region, this wine is almost sherry-like with spicy, nutty flavors.
    Pair with: Play up the bolder flavors with a more complex or funky cheese. Almost any Alpine cheese, like Comte, or earthy aged goat cheese like Chevrot make a great match.

  • Cider

    Brie and apples, cheddar and apples – both delicious! Why not extend that deliciousness to apples in liquid form? Enjoy cider and cheese for a pairing to remember.

    English style: drier, more like a beer, with nice acidity.
    Pair with: : Just about anything but we love it with firm natural rind cheese, like Landaff.

    Basque/Normandy : barnyardy and funky, but still with a little sweetness.
    Pair with: A beefy washed rind, like Grayson or Hudson Red to contrast the sugar and bring out the funk.


    American Cider: often, but not always on the sweeter side.
    Pair with: Sweet and earthy Bleumont Bandaged Cheddar or malty Bleu d’Auvergne.

Meet The Maker

In 1863, Oswald Roth began making cheese in Uster, Switzerland. After five generations, his family remains committed to producing fine dairy products and traditional, European style cheeses. In 1991 Oswald’s descendants Felix and Ulrich Roth and Fermo Jaeckle, founded Roth Käse USA in the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin.

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