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La Quercia Pancetta Americano 3 oz


Round bellies are the best, especially when they're made of bacon. Actually, it's the bacon that's made from the pig's round belly, and then rolled into a log and cured to make pancetta. A traditional Italian staple, pancetta is often used in pasta dishes and on pizzas - fried up like bacon, it looks like a crispy little pinwheel. La Quercia uses vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free pork from Heritage Acres Foods and cures it with sea salt, juniper berries, and bay leaves, giving the sweet meat an herbal kick. Give it a try wrapped around meats on the grill, fried in a sandwich (PLT, anyone?), or diced into spaghetti carbonara'it'll turn most dishes into a miracle. Or, cook as you would bacon and serve atop poached eggs with shaved parmesan for a Sunday morning treat.

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3 oz