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La Quercia Prosciutto Duo


Silky and meaty, these two Iowa-made prosciuttos are hand crafted with love and maximum porcine know-how by one of our favorite producers, Herb and Kathy Eckhouse at La Quercia. For the Americano the ''culatello'' hind muscle is used, meaning no bone and more delicate meat to start off the 8 month curing process. It's sweeter than Italian made, without any overwhelming mustiness. The Piccante is lightly spicy; fully aged legs of Prosciutto Americano and rub them down with a balanced blend of fennel, sea salt, and red chilies that deepens the meat's earthy sweetness. The heat is subtle, and deserves to be paired with sheep milk cheeses that have the extra edge that creates some complexity on the palate.

Just the Facts

United States
3 oz