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Murray's Beer Collection


For all the beer lovers out there, we crafted an exclusive Murray's Cheese collection just for you. We paid particular attention to flavors that mix with your favorite hoppy brews, amber ales, chocolatey stouts and crisp farmhouse saisons. We included some of our favorites, like nutty Consider Bardwell Rupert, tangy Irish Cheddar and creamy Up in Smoke, along with sweet dried cherries, Jan's Farmhouse Crisps and a jar of Divina Fig Spread. Lay this spread on your table and raise a glass (or two), and give thanks for cheese and beer.

The Murray's Beer Collection includes:

NUTTY Rupert
CREAMY Up in Smoke
TANGY Irish Cheddar
SWEET Dried Cherries
FRUITY Jan's Farmhouse Crisps
DECADENT Divina Fig Jam

The Murray's Beer Collection contains 1.5 pounds of cheese and serves 4-5 people

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Makes a great cheese plate with...