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Queserias Del Tietar Monte Enebro


Made by a single producer, Rafael Baez, of Avila in Castilla y Leon, this unusual goat cheese is shaped like a log, but is said to resemble the leg of a mule. A rind composed of ash and mold means insistent flavor, more like a blue cheese than anything else. The damp, cakey, acidic paste near the rind is fierce, with unmistakable overtones of black walnut. Inside, the core remains salty, lactic, and soothing. A relatively new cheese on the scene, Monte Enebro won top goat cheese in Spain in 2003. That insistent flavor is pacified by sweeter wines made from the charming Muscat grape.

As seen in Town and Country Magazine December 2012

As seen in Saveur's Decadent Cheese Plates