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Meet the Team

meet the wholesale team

So, who are you people?

We are three lovely ladies named Elizabeth (actually Beth Ann, Elizabeth and Lizzie), two very lucky dudes (Jason and Connor) and our expert team of cavemen. We’re here to make all of your cheesy dreams come true!

Sales Team

Jason Donnelly, Director of Wholesale

212-243-3289 x 11
Meet Jason, our illustrious leader. Jason hails from the redheaded step-child of the south, the wonderful state of Florida. He moved to NYC 12 years ago from Atlanta, after spending 15 years cooking in professional kitchens. A job at Dean and Deluca and a chance encounter with a wheel of Fromage de Meaux changed his life forever.


First job: Working at a funeral home – digging graves morphed into digging myself out of the weeds on the line in a restaurant kitchen to digging for my next favorite cheese.

Perfect date: Whatever, as long as it ends the right way…you know, with a plate of cheese in front of us after dinner…what were you thinking?

Best part of job: Working with amazing chefs, without having to work the crazy hours (sorry guys!).

Most bizarre job experience: Getting to artificially inseminate a cow…Tuba was a great girl!!!!

Favorite milk type: Sheep’s milk because the flavor and texture of it changes so dramatically depending on the technique and style of the cheese.

Favorite color: Orange & Blue….GO GATORS!!

Elizabeth Chubbuck, Associate Director of Wholesale

212-243-3289 x 35
Meet Elizabeth, a multi-lingual Midwestern firecracker. Even as a young child, Elizabeth knew her future lay in cheese, insisting on eating sliced cream cheese as an afternoon snack despite her mother’s objects that one did not eat cream cheese in such a manner.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, practicing yoga and making vinaigrette

Weirdest part of the job: The dude who called up and asked if we carried donkey cheese. Is that slang for something inappropriate?!?

Cheese specialty: Training staff to love and talk about cheese and waxing poetic about Colston Bassett Stilton.

Favorite cheese: A little goat’s milk cheese called Rove de Provence from France that tastes like dried grass & flowers, roasted nuts, little baby goats and dry earth. Sadly, they never make it out of France.

Favorite color: It depends on the day, but I typically love the color green. Oh, and I’m a Scorpio.

Special Talent: Speaking French and standing on my head. Simultaneously.

Beth Ann Coulton, Wholesale Sales Associate

212-243-3289 x 31
Meet Beth Ann, affectionately known as BA, who gave up a career in the music industry to follow her heart, or rather her stomach, into the world of cheese. She was born on the mean streets of Connecticut, but pursued an obsession and found a true home in the caves below Murray’s.

Breaking into the biz: I was always obsessed with food and I started thinking more and more about cheese. I had to find out what it was all about so I signed up for Cheese 101. Two weeks later I was down in the caves doing affinage. The rest is history.

Best part of job: I get paid to eat and talk about cheese. Enough said.

Special Talent: I am a champion belcher. I can put truck drivers to shame. I’m also really good at Connect Four. You will lose.

Favorite cheese: I couldn’t possibly narrow this down. I love too many

Perfect date: I’m not fussy. Just give me some really good food and a stiff drink.

Favorite color: This is strangely difficult to answer. I’m mostly drawn to black & gray, but I sure do love cobalt blue & cherry red. Just like cheese I can’t pick just one.

Lizzie Roller Dilworth, Wholesale Sales Associate

212-243-3289 x 34

Meet Lizzie, proudly representing the fair city of Philadelphia. A witty pint-sized wisecracker who hung up her apron and went from working alongside chefs to advising them. Lizzie has never met a cheese who didn’t shortly thereafter reside happily in her belly.

Breaking into the biz: I was working in restaurant kitchens and always found myself waiting for whenever the cheeses came in. I was fascinated that all of these amazing cheeses began life as the same liquid milk. I decided that the only way to really learn more was to dig in elbow deep.

Best part of job: Getting to meet all of the spectacular crazy hardworking people who work in this industry. Be they cheese makers, importers, chefs or mongers.

Hobbies: Read, eat, annoy my husband.

Cheese specialty: All about the funk, showing people that they don’t have to fear the stink.

Favorite color: I am definitely an autumn-- I love oranges, reds, deep yellows. I would love to envelope myself in the colors of fall foliage.

Favorite cheese: Changes daily, but Forsterkase will always have a special place in my heart as it was one of the first cheeses that I worked with that really blew me away, and opened my mind up to just how special cheese could be.


Connor, Wholesale Coordinator

212-243-3289 x 541

Welcome Connor Elizabeth Pelcher!  JK, sadly our newest WS member is not named Elizabeth, but this spunky VT native is super passionate about all things delicious.  He even went so far as to pledge his allegiance to bacon by tattooing the word on the inside of his lip!

First job:  I had a job washing dishes for a pizzeria at a ski resort in Vermont when I was 13. I told the owner I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up and he started calling me Doogie Howser, M.D. “Hey Doogie, mop the floor!”

Best part of job: Eating cheese, eating meat, eating whatever!  I’ll pretty much eat anything.  I’ve eaten a fried spider, I’ve eaten live octopus.  They were really good! 

Cheese specialty: I make a mean fondue. Mean!  I find the science behind how cheese melts complex and fascinating..

Hobbies: All about the funk, showing people that they don’t have to fear the stink.

Favorite color: Interior decorating? Is that weird? I don’t care. I love buying furniture and art. I guess I get it from my mother.

Favorite color: Stardust


The Caves

The Cavemen

These guys are the real backbone of the operation. The fastest hands north of the Rio Grande, they cut and wrap every order that goes out to our customers all in a matter of hours. They can break down a wheel a Parm in 2 min flat and cut 50 pieces of cheese all to the precise pound. They are the rennet of our department!

Jamie- Production Manager

The only true New Yorker in our bunch, Jamie had been with Murray’s for a year before taking the turn to crazy town. A veteran of the New York dining scene, Jamie is the sentry that we all lean upon, the oil to our squeaky wheel. Somehow he manages it all with a killer smile on his face. First job: : I was a range guy on a golf course. Pretty awesome job, I was 14 and I got paid to hang out and pick up balls. Although the pros used to make me pick up cigarettes butts with my hands just to be jerks.

Best part of job: : The rush. Making sure everything gets done and out on time. Kind of like getting the food out in a kitchen.

Worst day on the job: Valentine’s day at Blue Smoke; I was working the Jazz Standard. We made it through the first pass and I was feeling good. Second pass came and I have never been so far in the weeds in my life. Tickets to the floor and the board was lit up. Somehow I got out of it. Still not sure how.

Hobbies: I’m a big beach guy. I like golf, anything outdoors. Drinking beer while doing my laundry.

Favorite cheese: Taleggio with some Anarchy blueberry jam on the side. Will always be a big Tickler fan. I mean, how do you not like Tickler?? The name alone is great! I want to love goat cheese, but I just can’t, not for me.

Favorite color: Green, I like the way it pops. Any shade that complements my eyes.


Brian Ralph- Murray’s Cave Master


Besides being the voice double for Matthew McConaughey, Brian has an amazing way with cheese. Brian made his way into the cheese world after studying Neurobiology at the University of Colorado at Boulder, so clearly the man knows a thing or two about science. He “babys” the baby goat’s, bathes the wash rinds in salty brine and brushes all of the mites off of the natural rinds -- all while making sure that every cheese that comes into our caves leaves it at the peak of ripeness.