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Located in the heart of the West Village, Murray’s delivers in Manhattan 6 days a week, in Brooklyn 3 times a week, once a week to both Queens and Philadelphia, and we ship across the nation 5 days a week. Whew, that’s a lot of deliveries!

Delivery Range back to top

When do you deliver in NYC?

We do 2 delivery runs in Manhattan, one in the morning and a second run in the afternoon. Brooklyn deliveries take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons with a trip to Queens on Wednesday afternoons as well.

My business is outside of NYC, can I still get Murray’s delicious products?

Heck yea! Outside of NYC orders are generally shipped FedEx overnight, though we offer FedEx 2 day shipping and ground services where applicable. In certain areas (Las Vegas, Chicago) we have cargo programs which can also significantly reduce your shipping costs. If your business is in Philadelphia, you’re in luck! We have a truck that delivers to the city once a week on Thursdays

Minimums back to top

So do I have to buy 5 wheels of Parm to get a delivery or what?


No, not unless you want to. For deliveries in NYC there is a $100 minimum for delivery. Additionally, we are more than happy to put together an order for pick up. Sadly we are not MacDonald’s and although we want you to have it your way, we do need 1-2 hours to put together all pick up orders. When the office is closed, or if you forgot to call ahead of time, our lovely retail staff is ready to help you. We simply ask that you take a number and work with one of our mongers at the counter.

And Beyond…

Outside of New York there is no minimum to order. From 500 lbs of Parm to 2 little pieces of Camembert, if you want it, we will ship it to you no questions asked. Well, we may ask some questions, but we promise not to judge.

Delivery & Ordering back to top

Cool, I placed my order, when can I get it?
Download the Delivery Chart PDF


Monday-Friday: Order by 6 PM: Delivered next day AM run 11 AM- 1PM
Order by 11 AM: Delivered same day PM Run 2 PM- 5 PM
*Saturdays: Order by 3 PM Friday: Delivered Saturday 8 AM- 12PM


Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays: Order placed by 11AM: Delivered same day 3PM-6PM


Wednesdays: Order by 11 AM: Delivered same day 3-6 PM


Thursdays: Order by noon Wednesday: Murray’s delivers Thursday between 11am – 4pm


I live outside of the metro New York area, how do I know when I am going to get my cheese delivery?

Ground shipping is available from DC to Boston, or anywhere within a 150 mile radius of NYC, please check with us and see if we can ship to you via FedEx Ground as the rate is significantly less than Standard shipping.
-FedEx 2 day is an alternative option that can be significantly cheaper for some parts of the country. Check with us if this is a viable option for your area.
-*Saturday shipping will cost you significantly more! Definite motivation to get those orders in on time!

OK, so how fast can you get it to me?
FedEx Standard Overnight:
Monday-Thursday: Order by 3PM: FedEx delivers by 3PM the following day
*Friday: Order by 3 PM: Fed Ex Priority Overnight by Noon on Saturday

FedEx Ground:
Monday-Thursday: Order by 3 PM: FedEx delivers by 6PM the following day
*Friday: no Saturday delivery

FedEx 2 day:
Monday-Wednesday: Order by 3 PM: FedEx delivers by 4:30 PM on the 2nd day.
*Thursday: Fed Ex delivers on Saturday by 4:30PM

How much is all this deliciousness going to cost me?

Slow down there partner, how can you put a price on such a high quality product?
Shipping prices will vary by area:

  • FedEx Standard Overnight and FedEx Ground costs depend on how heavy the package is and what type of service is available in your area , but will be less if you live closer to us. Give us a call and we can estimate what it might be for you.
  • We receive a discounted rate from FedEx and forward that directly on with no mark up. Additionally, we will always send your package by the least expensive mode possible.

Cargo back to top

In some major cities, orders are consolidated into once a week air shipments. If available, orders must be in by 3 PM on Tuesdays. They are packed up and shipped on Wednesday via commercial airplane and delivered to you on Thursday by a delivery service in the corresponding city. Please inquire if a cargo program is available in your area as this can greatly reduce your shipping costs.

Returns & Concerns back to top

I just got my cheese, but it looks like it has the measles? Or I didn’t realize that 1 pc of Gruyere meant 80#s…. If you received cheese that you are not happy with or you simply ordered too much do not fear, simply call us within 48 hours of receiving your order and we will be happy to pick up the cheese, ship it back, or simply explain why it looks like your hands do after swimming for 5 hrs or why it has yellow mold. But we have to know about it. We ask that you unpack each order immediately upon receiving it and alert us by phone or email of any shorts or quality issues -- we will be more than happy to fix the issue to the best of our ability.

I’m not really sure what I want, or how to pronounce Ossau-Iraty, is there someone I can talk to?
Just give us a buzz! We always have someone here answering the phone during office hours to take an order, debate ancient French philosophy and generally answer all your burning questions about cheese. If you don’t get an answer, we promise we’re not deliberately ignoring you, we’re probably just deep in a discussion about the merits of raw vs. pasteurized milk. Leave us a message and we promise to call you back in a jiffy.

Office Hours back to top

When can I reach ya?
Monday-Friday: 8AM- 6PM
Saturday: 10AM- 3PM
Sunday: Closed

Delivery Schedule for New York Clients


For DeliveryFor AM: Order byAm Delivery WindowFor PM: Order byPM Delivery Window
Monday6 pm sunday11-1pm11am2-6 PM
Tuesday6 pm Monday11-1pm11 am2-6 PM
Wednesday6 pm Tuesday11-1pm11am2-6 PM
Thursday6 pm Wednesday11-1pm11am2-6 PM
Friday6 pm Thursday11-1pm11am2-6 PM
Saturday3 pm Friday8-4pmXX


For DeliveryOrder bypm Delivery Window
Monday11 am2-6pm
Wednesday11 am2-6pm
Friday11 am2-6pm


For DeliveryOrder bypm Delivery Window
Wednesday11 am2-6pm
Fridayx x