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Quickes Traditional
Mrs. Quicke's Cheddar

Mrs. Mary Quicke and her daughter Jane keep it classy and classic with this traditional English cheddar. Heritage cow breeds graze over 10 months per year on lush, Devonshire pastures and produce a raw milk similarly lush in flavor. The Quickes produce cheddar that is highly variable from wheel to wheel, so Murray's hand-selects those with the moistest, creamiest pastes and most intense lemony flavors. If Montgomery's is our beefy English cheddar, Quicke's is our sharp, citrusy option. Forgo the spot of tea and take your cheddar with a bit of hard cider and chutney.

Just the facts

Country United Kingdom and Ireland
Region Devon
Maker Quickes Traditional
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 10-14 months
Cheese Type Cheddar
Wheel Weight 50 pounds
Pairing Recommendations

Pour a glass of...

  • Malbec

    This rustic wine is inky and dark, full-bodied with plenty of tannins. Fruity flavors of plums and berries are contrasted by spice and leather.
    Pair with: Equally toothsome cheeses like Boerenkaas Gouda.

  • Chardonnay

    This wine is all over the map – literally! Flavor varies widely depending on where and how it’s made.

    Old World Chardonnay: crisp and minerally, with flavors of apples and roasted pears.
    Pair with: Fresh or bloomy rind cheese, like Delice de Bourgogne

    New World Chardonnay (USA, warmer climates): richly buttery and oaky, heavy notes of vanilla, brown butter, and tropical fruits.
    Pair with: Slightly stronger cheese like sweet Prairie Breeze cheddar, or a mild washed rind like Keeley’s Across the Pond.


    Oxidized Chardonnay: When Chardonnay is intentionally exposed to air it is “oxidized.” Common in the Jura mountain region, this wine is almost sherry-like with spicy, nutty flavors.
    Pair with: Play up the bolder flavors with a more complex or funky cheese. Almost any Alpine cheese, like Comte, or earthy aged goat cheese like Chevrot make a great match.

  • Hoppy Beers

    Pale Ale, IPA, Amber, Red Ale

    Hops, glorious hops! Think of hops as the seasoning for beer: they lend the bitter yin to balance malt’s sugary yang. In IPAs and other hoppy beers this humble flower takes center stage. Flavors range from grassy to grapefruit, earthy and dry to resinous pine, depending on which hop varietals are used.
    Pair with: Cheeses with enough body to stand up to the bitterness, like clothbound cheddar or aged Gouda.

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