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Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

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  1. Nonna's Sauces Quick View

    Nonna's Sauces

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    Made with 100% local New Jersey tomatoes in Long Island City, Nonna's sauces are inspired by the sauces of Calabria, Italy's most southern region. Read More
  2. Primcipatio Rogue Rice Quick View

    Primcipatio Rogue Rice

    East of Turin in the fertile Po River Valley (home to Grana Padano, too!) is the 12th century estate of Principato di Lucedio. Monks introduced and developed the process of cultivating rice here in the 15th century. Using water from local rivers, the monks created canals that flooded the fields and protected the rice during peak growing times. The estate had numerous owners over the years and the cultivation of rice continued.  Most recently, in 1937, Count Paolo Cavalli d’Olivola bought the estate.  His daughter, Contessa Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola currently oversees production at Lucedio with her son Paolo.  Read More
  3. 90" Rapida Spaghetti Quick View

    Rustichella d'Abruzzo
    90" Rapida Spaghetti

    Rustichella d'Abruzzo is known for thier high quality pastas made in traditional Italian style. Which is why their newest pasta, 90" Rapida Spaghetti, is such a delightful surprise: this pasta cooks in just 90 seconds! Made with a special bronze die that creates spaghetti with a tiny overlap in the pasta structure, you'll have dinner on the table before you can say "pasta pronto!" Read More
  4. Rustichella Pasta Quick View

    Rustichella Pasta

    In the little town of Pianella, Guanluigi Peduzzi still produces pasta the way his Nonno did. All his Rustichella pastas are made using heirloom varieties of wheat grown in Abruzzo and harvested during June and July. This makes a textured and hearty pasta unlike any you've ever had. Delicate and soft, with a toasty aroma, and a nutty flavor, Rustichella pastas need only some excellent olive oil and a little cheese. Read More

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