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Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

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  1. Red Bee Honey Comb Quick View

    Red Bee Honey Comb

    Hails from a small bee farm located in Weston, Connecticut. It's raw and unheated with no pesticides, alcohol, paraffin waxes or preservatives. Read More
  2. Pralus Infernal Bar Quick View

    Pralus Infernal Bar

    Price From:
    The Infernal Bar is the ultimate in chocolate-hazelnut and we guarantee it will change the way you think about this classic combo. Read More
  3. Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quick View

    Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Zippy, spicy flavor that balances the rich fruitiness of this unfiltered Sicilian olive oil. Bitter greens, fish, and risotto will benefit from a drizzle of this. Read More
  4. Crown Maple Syrup Quick View

    Crown Maple Syrup

    Want to add some depth to your Sunday morning pancakes? Read More
  5. Big Cheese Hat Quick View

    Big Cheese Hat

    Wear it with pride, because if they can't already tell that you are The Big Cheese, it's time they knew. Murray's "Big Cheese" Hat. Read More
  6. Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil Quick View

    Castillo de Canena
    Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil

    Made from 100% Spanish Arbequina olives—a spicy, lush varietal—and gently smoked with oak, beech, and birch woods, this unusual finishing oil adds depth and mystery to bitter greens, grilled fish, and charred meat—as well as being an excellent compliment to a bowl of sea salt-topped fresh Burrata and a loaf of crusty bread. Read More
  7. New 7 Deadly Sins Chocolate Box Quick View

    7 Deadly Sins Chocolate Box

    What is your guilty pleasure? If it's chocolate indulge in this sinful batch of flavored bonbons. Each box contains one of each: - White Chocolate with passion fruit filling - Kokoleka 55% blend with Hawaiian black sea salt - Creamy 75% ganache blend - A blend of pomegranate juice, molasses and pomegranate liquor - Champagne milk chocolate with black currant jam - Goat's milk Dulce de Leche with fleur de sel - Almond praline inside 72% dark chocolate Read More
  8. New Sale Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo Quick View

    Rosario Truffle Oil & Honey Duo

    Regular Price: $32.99/EA

    Special Price: $29.99/EA

    Coming Soon... Read More
  9. New Tonewood Maple Cream Quick View

    Tonewood Maple Cream

    Our all-time favorite condiment, Tonewood Maple Cream is the smoothest, sweetest, most irresistible thing we’ve ever tasted. Imagine the best piece of leaf-shaped maple candy you’ve ever had in your life, then imagine the candy melted and whipped into a spreadable cream. Instant heaven. We drizzle this on our soft triple crèmes like St. Stephen and Kunik, we also dunk our Challerhocker and other Alpines right in the jar. Spread it on your breakfast pancakes and toast, pour it over ice cream or right on to your popcorn during movie night. Trust us, it’s our No. 1 recommendation. Read More

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