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  1. Martelli Pasta Quick View

    Martelli Pasta

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    The makers of Martelli Pasta take “keeping it in the family” to a whole ‘nother level. Home base is in the medieval Tuscan village of Lari, situated on rolling hills between Genoa and Pisa, and it’s where the pasta’s been made since 1926 by the Martelli family. Read More
  2. Hot Fudge Quick View

    Hot Fudge

    Info coming soon... Read More
  3. Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise Quick View

    Sir Kensington's Mayonnaise

    Dress your sandwich like the very model of the modern major general with silky smooth mayonnaise from Sir Kensington. Made with all natural ingredients such as cage free eggs, ground mustard seed and fresh lemon juice, it’s good on everything from vegetables to animals to minerals. Read More
  4. Fabrique Delices Flavored Butter Quick View

    Fabrique Delices Flavored Butter

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    How, we ask, could anyone make butter better than it already is? The California-based meat masters at Fabriques Delices have been so kind as to supply us with—count them!—FOUR answers. Read More
  5. Pate with Black Pepper Quick View

    Pate with Black Pepper

    Coarsely ground duck and pork are mixed with ground pepper corns, garlic and spices, all preserved in portable little glass jars. Add fresh baguette, crisp cornichons and a wedge of Brie Fermier and watch that locked door explode off your midday meal doldrums. Read More
  6. Duck Rillettes Quick View

    Duck Rillettes

    It’s no canard! This rich little jar of heaven is the real deal. Read More
  7. Handy Corn Quick View

    Handy Corn

    Sweet corn is a summertime must. We’re smitten with Rick’s spin on this delicious staple—sweet n’ zesty, it can’t help but get fresh with you. Read More
  8. Savory Crisps Quick View

    Savory Crisps

    Don’t stand in the way of me and my cheese, man. Don’t worry! These delicate crisps will not. Read More
  9. Murray's Honey Quick View

    Murray's Honey

    Info coming soon... Read More

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