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Sour Puss Pickles


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Me-ow, kitty, the Brooklyn-based pickle-packers at Sour Puss take their craft to new heights. They create every jar of pickles with as much care as if it were being stored in their own personal cellars. Working directly with New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania farms, they insure the highest level of freshness and quality— even their vinegars are locally sourced. At heart, they’re committed to a cultivating a community of artisanal food producers, including farms, vendors and consumers (you!), that aim to preserve sustainable, local food systems. Every handcrafted jar of pickles boasts a delicate layering of spices in its time-tested brine, and the freshest of garden vegetables, preserved at season’s peak.

Curry Cauliflower: How does one curry favor with the mighty cauliflower? Try a little curry flavor. The brine in this Sour Puss Pickle creation starts with 12-ingredient yellow curry, and is followed up by a splash of locally-made Bourbon, a sprinkle of star anise and allspice—add that to the supreme crunch of garden-grown cauliflower and you got pickle magic. 

Ginger Carrots: The combo of ginger and bright orange carrots reminds us how much we love feisty, fresh roots. Sliced organic carrots marinate in a brine of fresh ginger, local apple cider vinegar and a beautifully balanced blend of spices.

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