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  • Spoonable Chili Caramel Sauce 7.75 oz

Spoonable Chili Caramel Sauce 7.75 oz


Drool much? Another sweet, saucy Brooklyn-born treat that's sure to add flavor to your day. Made with simple ingredients, there's no funny business here, just deliciousness. It's mind blowing when served drizzled over grilled bread cheese, or baked into/ on top of desserts.

  • Salty Caramel - a classic, rich, salty caramel. It's ingredients are simple: caramelized sugar mixed with a 40% heavy cream and a pound of smooth, non-salted European-style butter. Plus some sea salt from the Camargue region of France.

  • Brooklyn Butterscotch - old-fashioned, rich, buttery sauce made with the same all-natural ingredients, including molasses, used to make it in Yorkshire, England over 150 years ago. But with a little extra cream and butter to make it more Spoonable!

  • Chewy Sesame - A little texture goes a long way. Toasted white sesames give this caramel depth of flavor and a super-satisfying chew. Electrify a slice of cheese cake, or maybe that slice of toast you're about to make right now.

  • Spicy Chili - For those who like their sweetness a bit on the hot side. Enriched with several types of organic chilies including Ancho and Pasilla this sauce works beautifully with both sweet and savory dishes.