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Sweet Grass Dairy
Green Hill

Al Wehner was one of the first dairymen in America to convert his medium-large operation to 'New Zealand Style Intense Rotational Grazing.' This means that the herd is shuffled around to fresh parcels of pasture after every milking to ensure fresh green grass for grazing. The difference in milk quality, richness, and aroma is astounding. His daughter and son-in-law, Jessica and Jeremy, took over cheesemaking operations from mother Desiree and perfected this Camembert type. Exuberant buttery flavor, a nice thin rind, and silky texture are its signature traits. Toast American ingenuity with another American treasure, the New Mexico sparkler Gruet.

Just the facts

Country USA
Region Georgia
Maker Sweet Grass Dairy
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Animal
Age 3-5 weeks
Cheese Type Brie and Creamy
Wheel Weight 8 ounces
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Makes a great cheese plate with...