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The Spicy Set

Bring on the caliente! Our selection of zesty, peppery, punchy treats is not for the faint of heart. Only heat freaks need apply! The collection contains:

Ham I Am Peppered Ham - makes your Denver omelette come alive
Creamy Leigh White Queso Hot Dip - a kick in your queso pants, almost to thick for your tortilla chip
McCauleys Hot Pepper Relish - a dollop on a cracker topped with some tangy chevre both sings and zings
Mike's Hot Honey - Brooklyn's own was created as a pizza condiment - try it on a slice of Neapolitan
Aged in bourbon barrells, BLiS Hot Pepper Sauce is an umami bomb that has replaced sriracha as our preferred hot sauce for eggs
Gordy's Thai Jalapeno Pickles - the ultimate Bloody Maria garnish
Lusty Monk Chipotle Mustard - hot dog heaven
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