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Uplands Cheese Company Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Extra Aged


Made of raw cows' milk from 9 cross-breeds. Cheesemaker Mike Gingrich describes it best: 'Our cows graze lush pastures from early spring through fall just as all cows did before the industrialization of our food system. The result is milk that has excellent nutritional value and more varied and subtle flavor notes.' Uplands has a herd of 150 cows with an additional 45-50 yearlings and 50 calves. In Fall 2004 Mike built a cheesemaking room and enlarged his aging caves on Uplands' premises, making this a true farmstead production. The animals are outside all year round, going dry in early winter and beginning to calve in late March. ''Extra Aged'' is matured for 12-18 months, intensifying its flavors, especially the sweetness. We say: smooth, even pressed flesh with rich fruit, olives, herbs and a tang on the finish to rival the best Beaufort. 2014 American Cheese Society Winner.

Just the Facts

United States
Milk Type
Rennet Type
12-18 Months