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Welovejam Cherry Apricot Jam 9 oz


Dragonfly’s Cherry Walnut Granola is a recipe that has been shared through the generations. While the granola market seems to be booming, Dragonfly’s recipe and ingredients stand out from the pack. Susan Weseen adapted the recipe from her mother, and began baking her granola in batches with her daughter while she was home during summer break. Made at Hana Kitchen in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this rustic granola is nutty and fruity, managing to straddle the line between sweet and salty. It retains a wonderful crunch, with the consistency perfect for enjoying on its own or to be added to yogurt. This handmade granola is sourced with as many local ingredients as possible and made with organic ingredients. The flavors of the organic toasty walnuts and sour dried cherries make it great for breakfast, a healthy snack, or a late night dessert.