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White Moustache Greek Yogurt 7oz


When we say we LOVE this crazy-hard-to-find yogurt, we really mean it. Made in super small batches from an old world Persian recipe with no preservatives, this yogurt is crafted entirely by hand. Fruit preserves are spooned into the jars one by one. Every jar contains an almost unfathomable amount of time and labor, the dedication of a very small company with very big ideas about flavor. We buy this yogurt for ourselves all the time and now we’re glad to share it with you. Our very highest recommendation.

Signature Flavors

Greek: Traditional, clean, perfect

Kiss: Greek with orange blossom honey and walnuts

Yalda: Greek with raisins, mint and walnuts

Sour Cherry: Super fruity and tart

Date: Man oh man, arguably our favorite!

Please note that White Moustache is a specialty item that is not always available for immediate shipping. We recommend placing your order a several days in advance. If White Moustache is included as part of a larger order, please understand that these jars may be shipped separately.

Just the Facts

United States
New York
White Moustache Yogurt Co.
Milk Type