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White Wine Lover's Collection


We're all about keeping it sweet and easy, but we're also about making the night memorable, so we've cooked-up three intensely romantic sweet cheese assortments for your special date. Not sure which assortment to choose? No problem, just tell us what you'll be drinking and we'll take it from there!

This Collections include:

CHOCOLATEY Pralus Chocolatier Tablette

RICH Mascarpone

BUTTERY Effie's Oat Cakes

LUXURIOUS Whipped Maple Cream

White Wine Pairing includes:


FUDGY Coupole


Wine Lover's Gifts contain approximately 1.5 pounds of cheese. Will serve 5-7 oenophiles.

*Please note these assortments do not include Murray's Signature Gift Crate.

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