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1932 Pomodorina Barolo Sauce


Traditionally made since 1932, this Pomodorina sauce uses only fresh picked tomatoes from the fields of Emilia Romagna, Italy and Barolo wine. The elegance of the Barolo wine adds depth to the traditional flavors of this sauce. From these sun drenched fields, perfectly ripe tomatoes are chosen, and within two hours, are milled and kettle-cooked in small batches. Straight from the fields into their pots, the perfectly ripened tomatoes are allowed to stew with a blend of fresh Italian vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and the deep Barolo red wine. While the recipe is basic and frill-free, the flavor is far from that – simple flavors in fact create robust and balanced notes that fill the palate. Minimal processing and fresh ingredients preserves the integrity of the flavor, allowing you to taste the sauce as if it were just made. Enjoy a glass of Barolo; top a bowl of fresh-made pasta with this traditional tomato sauce, and shred a bit of Parmagiano Reggiano on top to taste.

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