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Beech Tree Honeydew Honey 8.11 oz

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When something is referred to as "manna from heaven", it's a safe bet that it is simply delicious. This honeydew honey may sound like it comes from that sweet melon that you indulge in during the summer, but this sugar-rich liquid comes from sappy plants. After munching on these plants, little insects like aphids secrete the sweet liquid, which is heavenly to bugs like bees. The honey they make out of this sweet syrup is thicker, richer, and darker than honey that we know. When it hits the palate, you are transported into the deep woods with earthy and malty flavors - reminiscent of pine forests and the ground after rainfall. A rich and thick syrup, honeydew honey is best drizzled atop a cheese that won't get lost in it; something meaty and rich like Epoisses.

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